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Amahi Time Machine

In getting ready for my talk for the Mid-Hudson Valley Linux Users Group, I found Amahi Time Machine.

If you don’t know what Amahi is, check them out at  Amahi is a robust, open source, home-server solution that has a ton of useful functions.  Aside from data storage and media streaming, Amahi can also be used with Apple’s Time Machine, an automated, incremental backup solution.  

Apple sells a Time Capsule that is intended to be a transparent backup solution for casual users.  The unit is a standard 802.11n wireless base station with four wired ports.  However, it includes a 2TB or 3TB drive to backup your Macs.  

Amahi Time Machine was easy to install on a running Amahi server.  (1) Buy the $0.99 app at Amahi’s application market.  (2) One Click to install from your Amahi Dashboard.  Once you install the app, you are ready to turn on Time Machine on your Mac.

One word of warning:  Time Machine will eventually use all the disk space made available to it on your server.  Amahi’s wiki provides a solution that allows you to limit the amount of space available for backups.  Be sure to do this before starting Time Machine on your Mac. 

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