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iOS 5.1 - The Good and the Ugly

One thing that apple got right - over the air update. I don’t think I have ever seen my settings icon with a numbered badge on it before. It made me curious when when I saw it.

I set my phone to update itself just before dinner, and it was completed right after dinner. Nice!

I can honestly say that if it were not for the over the air update, I probably would not have upgraded yet.

The ugly part is the 4G logo that sits next to my AT&T indicator (this was part of the update). I wouldn’t complain if the speed was better. Using the speedtest app, I have yet to see a speed over 2 Mbps. I believe that HSPA+ is advertised at up to 7Mbps.

For me, acceptable implementation would be to show me the 4G indicator whenever speeds are at or above 3Mbps. Otherwise it should show me the 3G indicator.

AT&T could say “Sir, the 3G and 4G indicator does not indicate the speed of the connection. Rather it indicates the technology used to relay your cellular data.” My reply would be - if you are using technology capable of 7Mbps, and shoving that in my face every time I unlock my phone; then why not increase the bandwidth? More succinctly, “Put up or Shut up.”

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