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I needed to create several different pages of HTML text for my company, Catalyst Custom Technology. I had known about markdown for quite some time, from digging around on John Gruber’s site. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to use it until now. Markdown makes it very easy to note your HTML intentions while not messing up your text with the appropriate HTML tags. This makes your text easier to read and edit. Also, it makes creating web content very easy on an iPad with apps like Byword and Nocs. Both of these apps provide Dropbox connections in the app and give you an opportunity to preview what your creation will look like after having the tags inserted and interpreted by a browser. The most time saving parts for me were the ordered and unordered lists. Markdown saves a lot of time and tagging in this regard. Also, the heading tags will generate with a unique i.d. selector that makes it easy to style a specific heading later. Want to see an example? Gruber’s site (linked above) provides great examples. You can see my work in action at the website for Catalyst Custom Technology.

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