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iBooks Author 1.01 out with updated EULA


Notes Megan Lavey-Heaton for TUAW:

The change is an important one though, clarifying that Apple has rights over the format a book is in, not the content.

And we have yet another bit of controversy to file away under: Apple Is Not Fucking Stupid.

I haven’t weighed in on the EULA hubbub for this exact reason. If Apple was actually trying to suggest that they own the content of all iBooks published via iBooks Author, then yes, obviously that’s bad. But get this: Apple is neither the devil nor are they fucking stupid — as we’ve seen before.

Thank you Apple!

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    Thanks for clarifying, Apple
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    Thank you Apple!
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    Clearly this is Apple just bowing to pressure from tech journalists - their original intention was obviously to own...
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